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Windows 7 Intel proset issue

Windows 7 Intel proset issue. With windows XP, I am installing the proset client via msi with these features "addlocal=wifi_sso,wifi_plc, etc". This will not work on my win7 build. I had to install ver 13 manually and then run a our custom profile. Even after manual install, SSO is not working

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On Win7, SSO feature is provided natively by Windows OS.

You do not need to provide any options to install SSO as it was needed for XP install.

After doing a basic PROSet install on Win7, use Administrator tool to create a SSO profile and apply the ITAdmin package on the client machine.

But, functionality of SSO is different on Win7 from XP. There is ample documentation in PROset help file regarding SSO on Vista/win7.

If you have a particular requirement for SSO, please mention here and I will try to assist.

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