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Wireless 802.11ad


Can somebody tell me if Intel has a chip(set) for the standard IEEE 802.11ad? I found something.. (see attachedment)

Thanks in advance


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Welcome back to the Embedded Community, pietvaes!


I'm off to find someone to assist with your question. Hope to have something for you soon!
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Hi, pietvaes -

Here is what I was able to find out - let me know if this helps or not....

There isn't a recommended chipset for 802.11ad at this time; I asked for an estimated timeframe, but there isn't one yet. However, there have been lots of inquiries so hopefully that will speed things up.

Since there isn't content on AD, here are some AC resources if you are interested. You can find more public wireless products technical documents and look for titles that include "Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC..." There are 3 of them. More details on 802.11ac may be helpful, too.

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Hi, I just went to the Webopedia and entered 802.11ad in search instead of ac and found this information, "The 802.11ad standard is expected to be approved by the IEEE in 2014." Check out that page as there might be some helpful nuggets there like, "The 802.11ad specification operates in the 60GHz frequency band, as opposed to earlier 802.11 specifications such as 802.11ac, which operates in the 5 GHz range, and 802.11n, which operates in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz ranges."


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