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Wireless -AC 9462 random disconnections


I Bought a new dell g3 about 3 weeks ago it comes with wireless card Intel AC 9462 and since i got it am facing random disconnections it could take 10 hours or more to happen sometimes less and i cannot find reason behind it.


Thing i tried to fix the issue with no success:


1- install drivers using windows updates

2-install drivers from dell site

3- install latest drivers from intel site

installing and un-installing of drivers to latest versions or older version did not fix the issue.


4- uncheck the box that allow wifi to turn off to save power from device manager under network adapter even though i always have power cable connected


5- run network troubleshooter it finds no issue

6- run troubleshooter for adapter also no issues

7- installed different windows 10 versions form 1709 to 1809 still same issue

8- reset wifi settings on pc

9- using static ips and google dns servers

10- changing roaming aggressivness to lowest

11- resetting winsock logs

12- disabled bluetooth drivers since i read somewhere it might cause conflict with wifi since they use same card

13- un-installed intel proset

14- i formated my laptop 3 times still no luck


Now some might say that issue is with router that i have so i tried using wireless adapter that i got and connected it to the laptop and for 48 hours there are no disconnections so i do not think this is a router issue



After checking logs reason behind disconnection is : the network disconnected by the driver



am up to suggestions since i do not know what to do anymore.







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IMHO, the Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages should be installed and uninstalled as a set and Internet access should be disabled so that Windows Update cannot interfere with the update process. Secondly, I have been told to always install the Bluetooth package before the Wireless package. It hasn't gone wrong for me doing it this way.


Hope this helps,


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