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Wireless N 2230 Won't Connect to WEP enabled Verizon 802.11n router

Now, I had originally posted in another thread that i had the same problem and I suggested that the OP try a Dell method even though it didn't work for me b/c I thought it might work for him. While reading Wireless Networking — What are the recommended settings for 802.11n connectivity? I realized that my problem may not be the same.

I saw the segment that said "WEP and WPA-TKIP are not compatible with 802.11n", and i went huh? If they are not compatible, why is the router using WEP? This is not my router. I tend to travel frequently, and I do occasionally have to connect to a WEP enabled router. I have a Dell Inspiron 17R.

So, even though the router is using WEP and 802.11N, why can't I connect to it? I understand that WEP and TIK were going to be phased out, but I thought that was on the router end, I would have assumed that you would keep making wireless cards backward compatible for at least a few more years.

I have WIndows 8

I recently updated my wireless card's drivers via the dell support page

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that MY router, which I use WPA2 on, is 802.11n and works fine, although sometimes it will randomly disconnect, and I will have to restart the wireless card for it to work again.

Thanks for your help.

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Bump. I would really like an answer. And so would the other posters, I'm betting.

I guess If you guys can't own up to your products I'll just have to pull my old broadcom out of my dead laptop and use that. I know THAT doesn't have any problems when I'm traveling or connecting to a friends network.

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If it helps anyone, i have the same problem with a new hp pavilion and the intel N-2230 card won,t give me anything past 2-3 with my signal strengh bars at the bottom. I called at &t and if you have them call tech support and tell them to change yout gateway frequency to the 10th signal. They went through 1-10 and the 10th one gives me 3-4 bars and my speed test if better than ever before....