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Wireless adapter AX200 or AX201 for Dell xps 15 9570


For my Dell xps 15 9570 i would like to upgrade the wireless adapter from Intel 9260 Card to the new standard AX..

Intel offers 2 Cards: AX200 and AX201..which one should i use?

one card does not support vPro i guess and i think my system does not support vPro either.

Yes i Know Dell does not support these card yet so please do not refer to contacting Dell...


Thank you for your help

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I am going to answer this starting the same way that I answered your previous question (but will explain myself better). You need to contact Dell to find out whether their BIOS will support this card. Why? Because manufacturers often implement white or black lists so that only those adapters that they have validated (and presumably that you purchased through them) will be supported. So, bottom line, you need to ask therm whether their BIOS will prevent these cards from being used.


Ok, that said, which to pick? Well, considering that the AX200 cards appear to be the only ones that are available, the question is moot. You can choose to wait if you want the additional capabilities of the AX201, but do not ask here regarding when that will be because (a) I have no idea and (b) Intel Customer Support personnel are not allowed to discuss schedules.



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