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Wireless connection problems



I bought a Lenovo Flex 14" in January. It has an Intel (r) wireless-N 7260 network adapter. I have been able to connect to my work and home connection since I've had the computer. However, it seems for no reason I can't connect to my work internet but I can to my home network. I didn't update anything, I called IT and they didn't update anything so I don't know what is going on.

Any help would be great,

I'm not very technologically inclined so please keep it simple.


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Hi Melly, there are several causes for this issue:

An invalid or corrupt wireless profile can prevent you from connecting, try deleting your work network's profile and create a new one, you may use Windows* or Intel® PROSet Software.

Try to determine if the firewall is interfering, you may disable it for a moment just for testing purposes. Please refer to the software vendor instructions if you have a third party firewall.

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/turn-windows-firewall-on-off# turn-windows-firewall-on-off=windows-7 Turn Windows Firewall on or off - Windows Help

Perhaps something in the work network is blocking you from accessing it, such as MAC address filter; check with the network administrator (IT) if you are allowed to connect.

Please provide more information about the issue if the above suggestions did not help, such as error message or a description of the behavior when it fails to connect, and operating system being used.