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Re-apply New License for Intel® Parallel Studio XE


I've got entitled with two one-year licenses for Intel® Parallel Studio XE (Windows) as student user, but even with the later one, the serial number has expired in January. I understand there is no renewal option for this Products, it can only be re-applied for.  But now when I re-apply new license ( by downloading the software package once again), there is no more new Serial Number generated. As a university student, am I still capable to request a new license for Intel® Parallel Studio XE at this time? If so, could you please enlighten me how to do the re-application? Thanks a lot!

Btw, the link for Intel® Parallel Studio XE (Windows) on page does not provide help, it re-directs me to an error page (

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Hi Zinan, please note that earlier we used to provide free licenses and free software packages to Educators, Students, and Researchers to install Intel® Parallel Studio XE. Now, with the transition to Intel® oneAPI, we do not provide free licenses. Students, Educators, Researchers can download and install Intel® oneAPI software package for free without a license. And only the most recent releases of the Toolkits will be made available.

Kindly check the below link for more information:


Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are the next generation of standards-based Intel® Software Development Tools used to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures. The transition from Intel® Parallel Studio XE to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits delivers additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools. The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit are available for Windows*, Linux*, and macOS*. Intel® oneAPI IOT Toolkit is available for Windows and Linux.

Qualification – No qualification is required.

Support – All Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are available at no cost and include community forum support. Community Forums

Licensing – Install and run the tools under the terms of use found in the End User License Agreement. No license files are needed.

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Hi Li,

We are closing this thread since we have not heard from you in the last 20 days. Please create a new thread if there are any queries or concerns.

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