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Unable to download oneAPI toolkit and license for Intel Parallel Studio 2019 XE


Hello, I am a graduate student who works with ABAQUS 2019/2020. I have been using Intel Parallel Studio 2020 (1-year student license) for Linux for last few months on my workstation (dual-CPU). But I decided to move back to Windows 10 as ABAQUS has issue with Ubuntu. I realized, Intel Parallel Studio XE is no longer available and now branded as oneAPI toolkit.

Firstly, do I need both base and HPC toolkit for a dual-CPU workstation?

Also, I tried downloading oneAPI base and HPC kit, but after filling out the form Intel website is static there, it doesn't download anything. Fortunately, I was able to 2019 Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition downloaded from another ABAQUS related thread, but how can I get 1-year long student license for this?

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Thanks. I was able to download the new Intel oneAPI and install it on Windows. I was also able successfully link it to Abaqus (this was my main concern). Intel oneAPI is free for all and doesn't restrict student license for a year. Thanks, Intel!

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Upon some research I figured out, I need both oneAPI base tool + HPC tool. I still can't download it from when I am logged in with my Intel account. It hangs on the verification page. I was able to download base and HPC kit when I was not logged in. The version I downloaded for Windows has file like - 2021.1.0.26...... This file name matches neither of the versions listed here:

I am not which version of VS studio would be compatible with this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks for reaching out to us!

As your issue is related to Download and Installation, we have a dedicated forum that handles issues related to Registration, Download, Licensing, and Installation. Hence we are redirecting this thread there for a faster response.

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I am very sorry you had an issue downloading.

Here is how to get the download oneAPI without further delay:

(1) logout

(2) go to request the download while you are NOT logged in

(3) when prompt to "Sign In" or "Sign Up" look below the button and click "Maybe next time. Please take me to my download." (don't login!!!)

That should work.  If not - consider exiting and restarting your browser, or running in private (incognito) mode. Of course, let us know if you still have an issue (I will be surprised - but we'll be here for you).

If you are interested in programming for data parallelism in C++ using DPC++ and SYCL... you can download our book for free from

With the download, and our book, you should be on your way to enjoying oneAPI.

Downloading while logged in will work correctly by March 2021.  Until then, it is quite confusing (it works if you answers all its questions - country, then company, toolkit; do not expect the email it promises;  logout, and then log in; and it will just work from then on).  Until then, you'll need to check back for updates because you only get email reminders about updates when you download while logged in.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you like oneAPI.  I am very excited about our emphasis on XPU programming - this is very much a vision by software developer for software developers!

I am sure the tools will give you a better experience... and when you have questions about them... then I may get the chance to answer your questions in the future.

- james


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Hi James,

Thanks for sharing the book and useful information. If you didn't notice, I was able to download on the same night I posted on this thread. However, I do have another question. Versions that I was able to download for Windows are - 

1. w_BaseKit_p_2021.1.0.2664_offline.exe
2. w_HPCKit_p_2021.1.0.2682_offline.exe

I am scheduled to change my workstation's OS and upgrade new oneAPI and other software next week. It's a big move. So, prior to that, I wanted to make sure these versions are compatible with Visual Studio and if so, which VS version I should use (2015 vs. 2017 vs. 2019)? As none of them matches with the version listed here: 

I would really appreciate your help.


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Hi Bibekananda, as per the release notes, Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compiler supports integration with both Visual Studio* 2017 & 2019 on Windows. In case of Linux, it supports Eclipse*.

To check the release notes, please visit>

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@BDatta I don't know if this helps, but from what I understand you need to "purchase" the oneapi license in order to download the legacy Intel Parallel Studio.

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Thanks. I was able to download the new Intel oneAPI and install it on Windows. I was also able successfully link it to Abaqus (this was my main concern). Intel oneAPI is free for all and doesn't restrict student license for a year. Thanks, Intel!

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