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Application does not respond and does not finish while profiling

Hi all!

I am doing profiling of a Qt-based application in Windows10 using Intel VTune Amplifier 2019 (Update 8).

The problem is that the apllication stops to react and to respond when profiling is on.

The profiler is run paused and then resumed at the particular operation to be tested.

After resuming the application does not react and the operation stops at some stage (say 50%) and does not finish, but in Task Manager the application loads CPU quite extensively (i.e. something happens).

Without profiling, the operation goes well. The same problem happens under the same conditions but on another machine.

Could you recommend something what can help?

Thank you in advance.


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Thank you very much for your prompt reply and for valuable information.

As I said, I do not use Amplifier2019, we should for get about it at this point of time and not mention anymore further. For now I am using Intel oneAPI  VTune Profilier 2021.1.2 Patch 1. This should be enought to detect the processor, I hope.

I am not interested in the HW event based analysis, because it gives me not suitable profile, when the call stack is represented as a list of functions. What I would like to see, is a normal call stack, which looks like a tree of function calls. Moreover, this kind of the analysis is hardly suitable, because the duration of most actions being profiled is more then couple of seconds.

As for memory, I have 32 GB. the task manager is opened always, the memory is controlled, I always have enough memory.

Nevertheless, I have the problem, when some action cannot be profilied, because the application stops to respond and does not complete, so I have to kill it in the task manager. Maybe it crashes, but the CPU is active, and something is still processed in the program, although it does not respond. This happens only with VTune, even if it starts paused. Attachment to the process does not help also. But the operation completes well without Intel VTune.

That's why, I would like to know, why it is so and how to investigate the strange interaction between Intel VTune and the application. Could you advice some methods to investigate and to solve this problem?

For now I suspect that the problem could be related to multithreading intensively used in such operations. As I have 20 cores, many of them or maybe all are used. But I have not study this thoroughly, and I do not know, if it is possible to control.

Your colleague Raeesa gave a good advice on performing anomaly analysis, and I have tried but I am not sure what the options are needed. The analysis was not successful with the default options and some variations, because the problem appears again: the action does not complete and the application does not respond. I asked Raeesa for details, and she started to check something and is still probably checking since April...

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,