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Can Vtune Amplifier do call graph profiling


Questions from my customer:

My questions can be found below:

1. Intel Vtune performance analyzer has the ability to profile C/C++/JAVA/ JNI and mixed language code. The product is now renamed as Vtune Performance Amplifier. The product brochure that I downloaded also mention that JAVA/JNI Code can be profiled.

Can you please confirm if Vtune Performance Amplifier can profile JAVA and Mixed language code (JAVA making JNI calls to C++ code) ?

2. I downloaded an evaluation version of Vtune performance amplifer for Linux from Intel website. I attached VTune amplifier to a JAVA application that makes a JNI call to C++. I did a hotspot analysis. After that, for the topmost hotspot, it is showing Unknown Call Stack even though all the symbol/binary search directories are correctly configured in the project. Even for a very simple JAVA application, it could not show the topmost hotspot. However, for a pure C++ application, I was able to see good call stacks. So, we need more help in understanding if VTune is Performance amplifier is the right product in profiling JAVA applications.

3. Can you let us know if Vtune Performance amplifer can do call graph profiling? I could not see this feature in the evaluation version of VTune Performance Amplifier.

Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution
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Hello Dave,

Intel VTune Amplifier XE currently doesn't support Java profiling. It may be supported in a future release.
In current version of Amplifier XE there is no "call graph profiilng" like in old VTune. Evaluation version has the same functionality as commercial one.

Hi Dave

Yes, unfortunately, when we moved from the historical VTune Performance Analyzer to the new Intel VTune Amplifier XE, these two features (Java support and fully-counted Call Graph profiling) did not make it. The brochures you reference above point to the old products.

Note that we now have Statistical Call Graph profiling, which can, in most cases, give you the information you need about call paths, with much less overhead.

If there is an urgent need for the Java support for supported customers, please open an issue in Premier so we can investigate a workaround. As Kirill mentioned, we are tracking the demand for Java support in VTune Amplifier XE and would appreciate any input you have on this.

Thank you everyone for your replies and support.
I appreciate it.
Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution