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Corrup .tb5 files from Marvell data collector


I am testing an evaluation version of Vtune on Windows. I need to see if it will work to get profiles from a Vtune collector on a Marvell Monahans 310 running Linux.

I run this on the Marvell target:


On the Windows host I run Marvell's:


This is from their Windows Mobile Vtune package, which might be an issue, but its the only host I've found that matches the instructions in the Marvell Vtune user's guide.

The host connects to the collector on the target OK, I setup a default Hotspot sampling run, it runs 20 seconds as expected and produces sample files.

Then in Vtune I do an "Open File" on VTActivity10001.tb5 in to a new project and Vtune says:

"Failed to create sampling data base. Probably .tb5 filers are corrupted or don't exist."

The Marvell User's guide doesn't describe the procedure on the Vtune side in much depth so maybe there are additional steps needed to load a sample file from an ARM/Linux target.

The sample files I get are:

VTActivity10001.ref 10 KB
VTActivity10001.tb5 639 KB
VTActivity10001.rsf 466 KB

I'll be glad to send them if anyone is interested.

Has anyone used this particular setup? Anyone have tips on troubleshooting? I am checking with Marvell too since half of the software is Marvell, half Intel and the breakage is where the two meet.

The Vtune eval I'm running is version 9, from:


I have this but am not clear if I should install it instead or in addition:


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If you would like us to investigate, you should submit an issue at Intel Premier Support. This will allow up to provide the files via a secure method so that we can examine them for correctness and debug any failures in the VTune analyzer.

You can enter Premier Support via the link in the lower right of the Intel Registration Center page, after logging in.

Regarding tprofile3.1_009_win.exe vs. tprofile3.1_009novpe_win.exe, this is the Intel Thread Profiler package, with the first one being Thread Profiler + VTune analyzer and the second being just the Thread Profiler add-on to the VTune analyzer. That is, tprofile3.1_009novpe_win.exe assumes that you have already installed the VTune analyzer. tprofile3.1_009_win.exe installs the VTune analyzer and then the Thread Profiler.

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