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Error occurred during drilldown Cause of error cannot be determined

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This message comes up in Vtune 7.1A when the 3.0 rdc finishes data collection. I removed the Vtune installation from Windows2000, installed it on XP, went through the 2 hours of data collection, and the same thing happened on XP. The analysis progress bar comes up under Windows 2000, but it sticks at 0%. I can't even find anything about this most frequently occurring error message in the help menu.

A hint from a colleague is that the Windows Vtune GUI exhibits this failure any time there is a message "selected event did not occur," so I am attempting a repeat. The Windows GUI deletes the data collection directories when it fails, so the evidence is gone.

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Another error I made is that I checked the "start with data collection suspended" box, which no longer is the right thing to do when all you want is to specify a start delay.

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