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Memory error (inspector does not show source)


I did a simple memory error analysis on my Fortran project which contains almost 9-10 modules and 15-20 subroutines and functions. Some functions are using mkl routines such as Intel mkl Fourier transform, lapack system of linear equations and matrix inversion routines. 

I compiled the project with -g option. The code runs and successfully and the errors are listed in the inspector. However,

Although I selected the source folders in the search dialog box, the source is not listed and it shows memory references. I also selected the mkl directory in the search directory dialog box. 

There is a warning for 'memory not deallocated'. I searched for all allocation and deallocation parts in my code, and I didn't see any missed array!

In addition, I would be happy if someone introduces a study reference on the ways to resolve or overcome memory related issues.

The test output is attached. 







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