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Out of the box bugs in Vtune 9.1 Windows

I just installed Vtune 9.1 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - ran into the following bugs:
1. Visual Studio 2005 integration doesn't handle projects that have a "." in the name properly. for example, a project named "a.b.c" gets turned into a vtune project called "a" in Vtune. If one has a bunch of projects that start with "a.", one ends up with a bunch of vtune projects that are all named "a".
2. After launching visual studio 2005 a second time, it hangs, and there is a wowexec64 of a dialog hanging around, but no dialog visible. It might be underneath the main window and modal, but I can't operate the main window since it's hung.
3. Uninstalling Vtune leaves autorun.inf in the installation directory
Anyone know where to report these?
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Another bug...
When VTune attempts to find a source file, it uses the correct path, except the file volume has not been prepended. For example, if my sources are in K:\dev\sources, VTune will by default try to find the file in "\dev\sources", which I think is relative to the system volume ("C:" on my computer).
So, it seems to know enough to figure out the path, but has dropped the file volume identifier.
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Assume that you use latest product v9.1 Update 8 which supports Microsoft* Windows* 7 operation system.

1. vtune project name in Visual Studio 2005 should be same name as your project name. The user can create many activities (for different configurations) with different names.

2. I saw such problembefore buthappened seldom now, some components may be missed and the usercan uninstall/reinstall the product.

3. After uninstalling the product - "vtune" and its subdirectories might be remained, the user can delete them manually then reinstall the product.

4. For searching source file, the user can specify source directories by opening "Options" dialog, see "VTune Performance Tools" -> Directories -> Directories -> Show directories ->select " Source files". Add new pathsinto list box.

Regards, Peter

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