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Reducting Call Graph overhead at runtime!

Did you know that you could reduce Call Graph runtime significantly by reducing the instrumentation level?
1. Open the Advanced Activity Configuration dialog by selecting a your Call Graph activity then choosing Modify the selected Activity. [OK]
2. Select Call Graph (under Data Collectors) and click on the Configure? button. The Configure Call Graph dialog should appear.
3. Selecting any of the modules listed in the upper portion of the dialog enables the Remove, and Functions? buttons, as well as the ?Instrumentation Level? drop down box.
4. Now you can add and/or remove modules from the list to be instrumented. Reducing the number of instrumented modules can lower the overhead at runtime.
5. Clicking the Functions button brings up a dialog that enables you to select individual functions to be instrumented. Unchecking the functions that are less interesting to you or ones that are called frequently can further reduce the overhead at runtime.
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