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Running VTune Amplifier 2014 for Android Systems on Windows using Eclipse



  I am new to VTune Amplifier and I developing an Android application on Intel Atom processor. When try to run profiling I get the following error

 amplxe: Error: Cannot enable Hardware Event-based Sampling: problem with the driver (sep*/sepdrv*). Check that the driver is running and the driver group is in the current user group list. See  "Building and Managing the Sampling Driver" help topic for further details.

  I have tried to follow the steps provided on this link  and "Peter Wang (Intel)" comments on this thread.

  I am running VTune Amplifier with eclipse on my windows.

  I was not able to interrupt previous comments by Mr Wang for re installing the drivers.

  Can somebody please elaborate to resolve the issue.

NOTE: I am more of a windows guy, steps friendly with windows will be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance for any help in resolving this issue.



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