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Several startup questions

None of the keywords I searched for yielded any results so I'm asking them here. I have vtune xe 2011 for linux (64 bit).

1. Where are the preferences stored? When I first started vtune, it asked me where I wanted to store projects so I specified a directory other than the default, but on restarting vtune, it looks for them in the old spot ($HOME/intel...). How do I set this for good?

2. Is there any way for vtune to be told the background color it uses? My gnome theme is light text on dark background. Vtune picks the background from the theme but uses its own dark colors for the foreground, so am currently seeing dark text on dark background and it's unreadable. (This is the same problem in some areas of this forum btw, eg. the Thread Title box above).

3. When I tried the lw test it stopped collecting data after a while saying the data size limit has been reached. How can I change this limit? I have plenty of memory etc, so the limit is on vtune's side.
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I wasnt able to determine a way to change the default project directory at least in the locations I expected to be able to manually re-set this to a value other than the one originally selected. I will look into this further or possibly someone else on the forum can answer this question and hope to get back with you soon.

In regards to GUI color, this may be addressed in a future release of the product. I am still looking for an exact match on such behavior reported to Development. I was able to replicate unexpected behavior by simply changing the built in Gnome theme from the default (Clearlooks I think) to the High Contrast Inverse theme. As far as I am aware there is not an easy way of changing how Amplifier responds. However, in the config/display directory is a config file where RGB colors for various aspect can be changed. However, not all aspects may be customized and this is not really a supported method of customization. This is probably another good enhancement request to be able to customize this via the GUI or pick up the theme better and play nice.

The data limit is by default set to 100MB. You can change this either in the GUI via Project Properties or at the command line using the -data-limit option.


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