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What happened to this feature?

In older versions of VTune I was able to attach vTune to my process while it was running. Where has this feature moved to?
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are you talking about sampling collection?

if yes, I do not see any value to this feature.
sampling collection runs and collects data on ALL running processes, so the process you are intereted in will be included.
just run a sampling collection without application to launch

if attaching to the runing process was enabled for call graph collection, then I agree, I miss this functionality
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I've talked to people who started using VTune from v2.0.
They do not remember the feature "attaching to running process" was ever exist.

In what VTune version have you used it?
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Hi dneufeld,

The feature that you describe has not been available as of the VTune analyzer 6.0 release. It was decided not to include this feature for various reasons.

It is my understanding that the "attaching to an existing process" feature was only useful for Sampling and possibly Counter Monitor, pre-VTune analyzer 6.0. What this feature really did was just bring the selected application to the foreground. You can simulate the same behavior by starting an Activity and then manually clicking on the application of interest. Alternatively, configure the Activity to start the application itself--an Activity can be configured to start multiple applications.

Hope this helps,
Aaron Levinson
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