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event based sampling in Vtune

I am now using Vtune amplifier 2011 to analyze my applications. Since I aim at collecting counter values after every million instructions are executed, I defined my own "hardware event-based sampling" profile and set the "sample after" value of "inst_retired.any" to be 1000000, while the "sample after" values for other metrics are kept default. Here I have two questions:
1. Vtune will only report the final accumulated result for each counter when the program finishes running. Is there an approach that I can read the raw sampling statistics for each interval? In specific, when the fist 1M instructions finished execution, I'd like to know info like cache misses in this interval, and so on for the later intervals.
2. I want to read all preferred counter values when every 1M instructions are retired; however, by using the approach mentioned above, it seems each counter has different sampling frequency, or period. This is not what I want. I tried to change the sample after values for other metrics to zero, but this doesn't work. Can anyone tell me how to read all selected counters at each interval transition? (when 1M, 2M, 3M... instructions are retired)
I don't have too much experience in using vtune, please help...
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