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Hello, I'm Jong Min Sun of LIC. We are going to purchase the Altera FPGA chip and program using Quartus Prime. I'd like to ask you about some concerns before I purchase. After programming an FPGA chip on one PC, I wonder if I can modify or check the programming information that is planted on that FPGA on the other PC. In other words, if the PC that was programming the FPGA fails and loses all memory, I wonder if other PCs can check the modification or programming information about the FPGA.


Thank you.

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Hi Jong Min Sun,


Thank you for choosing Intel product.


Regarding to your concern above, Yes, you can always modify or check the programming information on other PC. (as long as you used the supported Quartus Prime for that particular device, i.e. Cyclone III device only support Quartus prime version 10.0 to 13.1)

You can check your supported Quartus Prime here (sort by Select by Device):


Intel FPGA(aka Altera FPGA) is Quartus Prime dependent, not PC dependent.


I hope this will help you.



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