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LDPC throughput performance



As of now I have done l1 and testmac in FlexRAN 22.03 using PAC N3000 card as per an912 document and the tests are successful.

I wanted to test LDPC testcases for throughput with variable base-graph(BG) and code rate(k/n).

The command which is provided in my previous query is

./ --testfile=icelake-sp/icxsp_mu0_10mhz_4x4_hton.cfg

is about running same test case multiple times and gets the throughput(ie. as per my understanding).

Please guide me through how can I change the BG and coderate and verify the  throughput as per attached image.


Also I wanted to take out the FEC processed data from PAC card to external device directly through the the ethernet ports available on card. How can I do it?


Thanks in advance,

Mable George

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