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MLAB over utilization on Arria 10 OpenCL




I have compiled a design and in the HTML report I have spotted that the MLAB usage is around 125%. In fact, the available MLABs is 0 on my board, based on the html report (I am using Nallatech P385A, Arria 10). I wanna know how can I get rid of the MLABs? How come the available MLABs is zero but the compiler is still using them?



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I would guess you must be using the "hackish" method of using Nallatech's 17.1 BSP with Quartus 18.0+ (unless they released a new BSP for the 385A board) by using new aoc but old quartus as mentioned in their documentation. Either way, MLAB estimation was added to the report either in v18.0 or v18.1 and since Nallatech's BSP is for v17.1, it does not include the MLAB count in board_spec.xml. Arria 10 certainly has MLAB, in fact, 12,984 Kb of it. And the compiler has always been using them, just not estimating their usage in the report. This matter is likely something you would want to ignore.