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Migration from Intel JPG Library to IPP



I have an application developed in VB 6.0 that uses the Intel JPG Library to create JPEG files based on the graphics created in VB forms. The graphicsare saved to the JPG files and after that these files are accessed by the users via HTML pages.

After a migration of this application to a new server, distorted graphics started being saved in the JPEG files. Over the graphics are painted strips with different colors, depending on the graphic's backgroung color.

The new server's processor is the Intel Xeon and the Operational System is the Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise edition.

I'd like to know if I rewrite the source code using IPP this problem can be solved.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Well, it depends where the error is coming from I'd think. It sounds like the error started occurring when you changed systems. Itsounds like something is not working correctly there.Maybe it's the graphics driver, maybe it's something in a service pack, maybe it's something else altogether.Once you discover the root of what's causing the issue, you'll know which direction to pursue...


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