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Boost effect for video decoding on ATOM US15W with XP Professional but not on XPe



we set up an XP Professional and a XPe image for our ATOM US15W feature. We installed SP3 on each OS. IEGD 10.3 as graphics driver and DirectX 9.0c are identical.

Then we installed the CCCP/Ffdshow codec pack on each OS, but only with XP Professional we get a boost effect for decoding MPEG2 D1 videos with 4Mbit/s. Instead of 26% CPU load we have 16%, but we do not get this for our XPe image.

A Passmark 2D complex vector test shows a value of 90 for XP Professional instead of 30 for XPe on just the same HW and a very identical OS installation.

I can be, but it is not sure at the moment, that files are loaded with less CPU load under XP Professional than under XPe. The write protection filter is not installed in our test XPe image.

Has anybody an idea why XP Professional shows this boost effect and how we can get this for our XPe image?

It is a general boost effect and does not depend on using DirectShow, Intel's IPP or something like this.

As next step we are trying to check DLL version which are used by our own player SW and we want to find out if there are different file system drivers active.

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