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How can Intel Atom C3558 access Marvell PHY controlling registers


We are using Intel Atom C3508's built-in 10GbE LAN controller to control Marvell PHY LEDs. The hardware schematic we used is in picture attached below, which is from "Intel® X553 Denverton 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Controller Reference Schematics".


Since we cannot use LEK tool to control the behavior of LED from firmware, we have to control LEDs from OS driver.

From the spec (Intel Atom Processor C3000 Product Family - Integrated 10 GbE LAN Controller Programmer's Reference Manual (PRM)), I've found two BAR0 registers:

  • PHY_INDIRECT_CTRL - PHY Indirect Access Control
  • PHY_INDIRECT_DATA - PHY Indirect Access Data

From the description of the two registers, I supposed they could be used to control Marvell PHY. But the result was not as expected. It seems Marvell PHY registers did not actually be accessed.


So could I ask for detailed instructions for external PHY controlling? Is there some samples for external PHY controlling? 


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