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E810 RDMA QP error



I have an application which receives data using RoCEv2. It works fine using either a Broadcom or Mellanox nic but I am having an issue with the E810 nic. It will receive data successfully for a short period time but I will then receive a IBV_WC_WR_FLUSH_ERR when processing the completion queue. The id of the completed work request points to a valid buffer which had been queued successfully multiple times before (I use a fixed number of buffers which get re-queued after the work item is completed). I also receive an async event with error code IBV_EVENT_QP_FATAL which points to the only QP that I am using.

Looking through the packet trace, I don't see any issues. No NAKs from either side. Size of data transfers are good. Is there a way to find out more information on what caused these errors or further steps I can take to troubleshoot this to determine what specifically is the problem?


I am using:

E810-XXVDA2 card
Firmware v2.00 0x80003e53 1.2751.0
ice driver v1.9.11, irdma v1.9.30
Ubuntu 20.04 5.15.0-52



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I enabled debugging in the driver and see the following error: 


ice 0000:01:00.0: abnormal ae_id = 0x401 bool qp=1 qp_id = 4, ae_source=13



I was using LLA addresses when testing this. If I use a non-LLA address then I no longer see the failure.  I also haven't had any issues with UDP transfers when using LLA addresses. Another option which seems to work for rocev2 is adding a static arp entry for the LLA address.


Are there any issues with using LLA addressing with this card under RoCEv2? Is there any configuration of the card that is required to make rocev2 work with LLA addresses with this card? Curious because the same setup works fine with the Mellanox and Broadcom cards.



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