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Intel 82567LM-3 Wake On Lan - Windows 7 HP Compaq Pro 6000

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We have a lab of 30 HP Compaq Pro 6000 machines all with Intel 82567LM-3 network cards. I have one row of machines that will not wake on lan via magic packet. These machines are all imaged using the same image. I have confirmed that the BIOS version is the same, network card settings are the same, and the drivers are all the same. Is there anything else I can check as to why these units will not WOL ? I also have changed switch ports with a working WOL machine to confirm that it is not a network issue, and the problem still remains. So the issue lies with the machine, and I suspect the network card. I updated to the latest driver as published on 11/11/11 too as a troublshooting step, no change.

Thanks for any assistance!

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This isn't likely a driver issue since some machines work and some do not. Also, you are not likely to have a whole bunch of your network ports fail in the same way for a hardware problem. (Not impossible, but not likely.)

You have done quite a bit of troubleshooting, so I tried to think of something you might have missed that was not mentioned in your post.

The BIOS settings would not be part of the image you are using. Check for a wake on LAN setting in the BIOS. Make sure the BIOS in the failing systems is using the same settngs as the working systems. Are the ports enabled for remote management and is there a difference in the remote management configuration in the BIOS between the failing and working machines?

Check the MAC address on the failing systems and make sure that magic packets are being sent to those addresses.

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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Hello Mark,

Thank you for your reply! The Wake On Lan issue was actually resolved by re-imaging these units.