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An Extended VIP Example Design, with OSD of a Radar (Cyclone III dev kit)

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Altera has a Cyclone III VIP example design to demonstrate how to configure various IPs from the VIP design suit. This project extends the example design with the following features:

  1. DVI input (by xxiang, on Thread ID 31335 - sorry I am not able to post hyper links) 

  2. A few more IPs (Gamma Corrector, 2D-FIR filter, Frame Reader) 

  3. Example of how to use the Alpha Blending Mixer with alpha channels for different video sources. 

  4. On-Screen Display functions for drawing lines, shapes and text 

  5. A complete demo of scaling, clipping, moving, flashing, sharpening and gamma correction. 

  6. A NIOS rendered Radar (OSD) 

A user guide is attached for referencing, which includes the block diagram, explains the difference from the VIP example design, the added software functions, and a short notes about how to run the design on Cyclone III video development kit. 


To get the Quartus project file, run the "make_project.sh" ("make_project.sh.bat" for Windows) script enclosed in the project folder. After creating the Quartus project, open the Qsys file to generate the system. 


If the DVI input is absent when running the demo, the relevant part of the demo will be skipped. But a HSMC Bitec Quad Video daughtercard must be connected in order to run the demo. 


The sof/pof images are added for the VIP extended demo and a separate Radar demo. The Radar demo doesn't need any daughtercard to run. All images are built for Cyclone III dev kit. 


Hope this helps 

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Hello Rayh, 


Thank you for sharing with us.  

The detailed documentation is very helpful. 


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