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Avalon-MM PCIe DMA Controller busy forever with some hosts

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I've been using Cyclone V device that communicates with a host PC via 

PCI Express. The communication logic is built using Qsys "Avalon-MM 

Cyclone V Hard IP for PCI Express". On the host PC (x86-64), 

CentOS 6.x (Linux kernel 2.6.x) is running. The system has been working fine 

for more than a year without problem. 


Recently, however, I noticed that the DMA write (memory write 

initiated by the device) does not work properly on CentOS 7.x (kernel 

3.10.x). Note that other functions including PCI configuration read/write and 

the host initiated memory read/write are working fine. DMA read is not 

implemented and thus not tested. 


Looking inside the status register of Qsys DMA Controller, I found that the 

bit1 remains high forever, which means DMA is started but never completes. 


I am sure the following registers are properly set before starting the 

DMA. The value of address 03h (length register) does not decrement at 

all, even a few minutes after the kicking off of the DMA. 


01h readaddress RW start address of a read. 

02h writeaddress RW start address of a write. 

03h length RW length in bytes. decrements to 0 as the transfer proceeds. 

06h control RW 


So my question is: what can make the DMA controller busy forever? 

If a wrong value is set to 02h (writeaddress), could that 

cause the DMA controller behave like this? 


Please help. Any idea or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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