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CVO won't change resolution

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Hi, i have 2 fpga with 2 video systems implemented with VIP cores. 


The first fpga can output DVI with 1024x768 pixels or 768x576 pixels 


these configuration are obtained through the following configuration: 


Configurable scaler --> CVO 


the CVO core is controlled by a control synchronizer core, when i want to change the format resolution, i change the scaler output and i change the video mode of the CVO throught the control synchronizer. 


In the other FPGA, the CVI detects the resolution change and i manage data properly. 


When i pass from 1024x768 to 768x576 i have no problem, 

when i try to do the inverse, so from 768x576 to 1024x768, the CVI registers see 768x858. From this bad configuration i can return to 768x576. 


Where can be the problem?
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