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Cannot Read Data in 1-Port RAM IP Core

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Hi all. 

I am using a 1-port RAM created using Altera Quarus 16 Lite(IP Catalog). It has width of 16 bits and depth of 64 words. I store in data from a computing register in it and want to read it after some time as I will use this data as input for another module. The data transmission is fine but as I make write_enable '0' and read_enable '1', I receive only first and last data bytes(and middle 1-62 data is lost). But If I make write_enable '1' and read_enable '1' its working fine with a delay of 1 cycle. I do not understand if I am really saving data in RAM or not. Here is behavioral code.Here is the link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45590655/cannot-read-data-in-1-port-ram-ip-core to the original question as I cannot post the code and problem in here as it exceeds the allowed character length. 

Thanks in advance. 

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