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DDR3 UniPHY issues Cyclone V

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I'm using the UniPHY memory controller hard IP for a custom board using a Cyclone V. My design works on the BemicroCVA9 board from Arrow, however, on my custom board the external memory doesn't work at all. None of the calibration LEDs turn on (local_cal_success, local_init_done, local_cal_fail) or even the failure LED (local_cal_fail) doesn't go high indicating a failure (not sure about the logic behind this one). Also, when using the EMIF Toolkit and I "Link Project to Device" I get an error in the console window "Read request of 4 words was sent to the target but only 0 was returned". This is the error report: Anyone have any ideas? Thank you. 




problem details 



*** Fatal Error: Access Violation at 0X000007FECC9F1827 

Module: quartus_sh.exe 

Stack Trace: 

0x71826: emitt_systemconsole_unregister_tcl + 0x1bf46 (sld_emitt) 

0x67aee: emitt_systemconsole_unregister_tcl + 0x1220e (sld_emitt) 

0x67cad: emitt_systemconsole_unregister_tcl + 0x123cd (sld_emitt) 

0x60da7: emitt_systemconsole_unregister_tcl + 0xb4c7 (sld_emitt) 

0x161e2: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x62 (tcl86) 

0x17a65: TclEvalEx + 0xa65 (tcl86) 

0xa6f8b: Tcl_FSEvalFileEx + 0x22b (tcl86) 

0xa5646: Tcl_EvalFile + 0x36 (tcl86) 

0x13982: qexe_evaluate_tcl_command + 0x582 (comp_qexe) 

0x12aff: qexe_apply_ini_vars + 0x2a2f (comp_qexe) 

0x17716: qexe_process_cmdline_arguments + 0x2606 (comp_qexe) 

0x18601: qexe_standard_main + 0xc1 (comp_qexe) 



0xcbe8: msg_initialize_out_of_memory_handler + 0x378 (CCL_MSG) 

0xe31c: msg_set_stack_size + 0x7c (CCL_MSG) 

0x4bac: mem_malloc_wrapper + 0x18c (ccl_mem) 

0xc831: msg_exe_main + 0xa1 (CCL_MSG) 



0x15a4c: BaseThreadInitThunk + 0xc (kernel32) 

0x2b830: RtlUserThreadStart + 0x20 (ntdll) 






Executable: quartus_sh 




system information 

Platform: windows64 

OS name: Windows 7 

OS version: 6.1 


quartus ii information 

Address bits: 64 

Version: 15.0.2 

Build: 153 

Edition: Full Version
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