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DSP Builder version 17.1, attribute "preserve_syn_only"

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I just updated my quartus version from 16.1 to 17.1, including the DSP builder. In my DSP builder design I use a division block. If I compile the *.vhd files from the DSP builder in my Quartus project, I receive the following warning: 


Warning (10335): Unrecognized synthesis attribute "preserve_syn_only" at DSPbuilderFiles/completeSystem_wyssj_dut_prim.vhd(1391) 


(and some more of the same typ). The corresponding line in the vhd file is 


attribute preserve_syn_only of redist17_r_uid542_zCount_uid415_completeSystem_wyssj_dut_prim_dq2Mangle_getM_Divide2_x_q_17_sticky_ena_q : signal is true; 



In the old file (created with DSP builder 16.1), the corresponding line reads 


attribute preserve of redist4_r_uid542_zCount_uid415_completeSystem_wyssj_dut_prim_dq2Mangle_getM_Divide2_x_q_17_sticky_ena_q : signal is true;So the change from 16.1 to 17.1 is that the attribute changes from "preserve" to "preserve_syn_only" which however is not recognized by Quartus. Therefore I'd like to ask: 


1. Can I ignore this warning? 

2. If not, can I just manually change all the attributes "preserve_syn_only" to "preserve"? 

3. Why does DSP builder creates a file with instructions the quartus compiler does not recognize? The softwares are delivered in the same package and should be compatible! 


All the best 

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