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DisplayPort Bitec core

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Hello everyone. 

I ae noticed a contradiction between Altera user guide for Displayrt core (UG-01131 2015.11.02) and parameters mentioned in http://bitec-dsp.com/product/displayport-ip-core/ 

The guide suggests that he core supports DP1.2 , while at the bitec site it is wrriten that the core supports DP1.3 

Is the user guide not up-to-date or am I missing something? 


Best regard, 

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While Altera's DP core is just a wrapped up Bitec core, it is not guaranteed to be the latest version. Altera picks a stable release from Bitec around the time they release a new IP version (their major version releases), packages that up, and sells that. Bitec is constantly updating their core (check their release notes on the website), but the changes aren't picked up until the next IP release from Altera. 


I would trust the Altera documentation (as much as that pains me to say - there are so many mistakes!) over the Bitec docs.
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