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Library auk_dspip_lib not found

I use a FIR II IP Core to simulate a lowpass filter with two input channels in Modelsim SE 10.1a. The decimation factor of the filter is 2. I generate a project about filter in Quartus II 12.0 and then use Modelsim SE 10.1a to simulate the RTL founction of the filter. But it conn't compile successfully. The errors are as follows: 

# ** Error: F:/hsf_files/sar/sar_new_20150727/IP/filt2_clken_ast.vhd(32): Library auk_dspip_lib not found.# ** Error: F:/hsf_files/sar/sar_new_20150727/IP/filt2_clken_ast.vhd(33): (vcom-1136) Unknown identifier "auk_dspip_lib".# # ** Error: F:/hsf_files/sar/sar_new_20150727/IP/filt2_clken_ast.vhd(36): VHDL Compiler exiting 

Firstly, I open the file filt2_clken.v(the name of FIR II IP Core is filt2_clken). It instantiated a module,namely filt2_clken_ast_inst,by filt2_clken_ast. Then I open the file filt2_clken_ast.vhd. I found that it use a library,namely <auk_dspip_lib>. But I don't find this library.  

Is there anybody who can help me?
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