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Enabling User-controlled Refresh for ALTMEMPHY in MegaWizard Plug-in Manger

I've created a DDR memory controller that interfaces with an ALTMEMPHY IP block that was generated with the MegaWizard Plug-in Manager. My design methodology does not use Qsys or any other Avalon functions. I have the memory controller transferring data to and from a Micron DDR Verilog model in simulation with the ALTMEMPHY. I want to control the refresh with my DDR memory controller, because the data transfers are long bursts on the order of 5 times the average refresh time. So, I'd like to initiate 5 back-to-back Auto-refresh cycles at the end of each burst. 


I have not found a way to enable User-controlled Refresh using the MegaWizard Plug-in Manager. Any thoughts....?
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My mistake. I had to let the simulation run past the DDR calibration. I simply had to send five Auto-refresh commands with the proper timings to make the refresh work. There was nothing special needed in the ALTMEMPHY generation to make it work. 


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