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FIR II Compiler v10.1 Coefficients txt file

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Hi everyone, 


I'm using the FIR II Compiler 10.1 and I noticed a little inconsistency between the manual and the compiler on how to import coefficients through a textfile. 


According to the manual:  

The contents of your coefficient file must have each coefficient on a separate line  

and no carriage returns at the end of the file. You can use floating-point or  

fixed-point numbers, as well as scientific notation. Multiple coefficient sets is  

supported by specifying an array of coefficient sets. The number of rows specifies  

the number of banks needed. All coefficient sets must have the same symmetry  

type and number of taps.  


When actually importing a text file with coefficients, containing a single coefficient set, I get the error: 'Invalid coefficient, make sure they are not all zeros.'  


I entered coefficients like so: 

<start of file> 




<end of file> 


If I enter the coefficients in the following manner, I get no error: 

<start of file> 


<end of file> 


This is mentioned in the manual as the manner in which you have to enter coefficients for multiple banks, where each line represents a new set. 




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