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Free FFT Co-Processor with Avalon interface and QSYS integration

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some days ago I have released my free FFT co-processor "bel_fft" under Sourceforge (look for "bel_fft" on SourceForge). It can be used as a co-processor for the NiosII and can seamlessly be integrated into QSYS. 




bel_fft is a FFT co-processor that can calculate FFTs with arbitrary radix. It is a hardware implementation of the free software Kiss FFT („Keep it simple, Stupid!“). The target was to allow a simple replacement of the software code with the hardware implementation. Therefore bel_fft comes with a software driver that is compatible with the Kiss FFT routines. bel_fft also has a modular architecture and allows interfacing different bus architectures. So far Altera's Avalon bus as well as the Wishbone bus is supported. However, bel_fft's architecture allows an easy adaptation to further bus architectures. It comes with a Java wizard to configure the co-processor and to generate all required files (e.g. twiddle ROMs). bel_fft is distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License 2.1. 




  • Mixed-radix FFT co-processor for (so far only radix 4 is supported) 

  • Master bus interface for memory access 

  • Slave interface for configuration and control 

  • Modular architecture 

  • 32 bit Avalon and Wishbone interface 

  • 32 bit and 16 bit data types 

  • Can be configured to support four different configurations 

  • Configuration is done via a GUI 

  • Twiddle factors as ROM(s) 

  • Interrupt generation Software compatible to Kiss FFT 

  • Seamless integration into Altera's QSYS 

  • Comes with an example design for the BeMicro kit 

  • Written in Verilog 


Have fun with it! Any feedback is welcome. 


Best regards, 

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