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How do I create a Arria 10 SerialLite II IP in Quartus 17?


I have a SerialLite II license, but the IP catalog in Quartus 17 doesnt have the SerialLite II IP listed.


The SerialLite II user guide states :

Arria 10 devices are indirectly supported by the SerialLite II IP core version 15.0 and later. If your design needs to implement SerialLite II interface in Arria 10 devices, contact your local Altera representative or file a Service Request (SR) to obtain a design example, a guideline document, and a special license to enable the Quartus Prime software to generate the FPGA configuration file (.sof) for the Arria 10 devices.


Intel made it impossible to contact an Altera representative and Service Requests are also no longer available.


How do I get access the IP?

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The SerialLite II IP reference design is available in the IntelWiki link below. However, you will need to go through a Field Applications engineer to enable the licensing for Serial Lite II.