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How to generate the flash.pof file in PFL?


I am trying to implement PFL IP in my project. I am using a CPLD to configure FPGA using 128Mb flash . For this I first have the CPLD code compiled. This generated a CPLD.pof file. After this I instantiated the PFL IP and generated the QIP and SIP files. In Intel FPGA Parallel Flash Loader User Guide, it says Compile and generate a pof for the flash memory device. My question is how do I do this?

Can I only compile the QIP?

Thank you in advance.

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Programming of the flash device can be done by two methods refer the below application note,



Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.


Best Regards

Vikas Jathar 

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ErrorCapture.PNGHi Vicky,

Thank you for your reply. I followed the AN478 as well as AN386. I tried everything.

1 ) I instantiated the PFL in my CPLD code and compiled it . This generated a new CPLD.pof. I thought this is not the Flash.pof. So I tried the following:

2) I made a separate project with only the Flash and used the PFL IP . I then compiled this flash project which generated the Flash.pof.

I added this QIP and SIP ( for the Flash) to my CPLD code . then I went to the programmer window and added the CPLD.pof. When I attach the flash device and try to change the file for the flash,

It throws in an error " Only Flash memory programmer object file is supported". I am attaching the screenshot of my Programmer window.

Can you please suggest what wrong am I doing?

Also can you tell me if I am doing right by having a separate flash project or shall I instantiate the flash in the CPLD ? I have tried the second option but that doesn't generate the flash.pof only.

Thank you.

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Hi Vicky,

My quartus II was corrupt. So the device selection was getting messed up everytime I was generating the sof file for the flash and so the corresponding pof file was messed up too. I installed everything again and now the device selection doesn't change . I am able to generate the pof file and the programmer doesn't thrown in any error.

Thank you once again.