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How to move/migrate all the SR requests that were previously raised, both open and resolved ones to Intel forum?


We were facing issues with JESD Base IP and PHY IP and it was raised and tracked as an SR request. Can you please move/migrate all the SR requests that are open or resolved to Intel forum. I dont have a list of all the case numbers that were resolved but I would like to move all of them to Intel forum, can you please let me know how to do it


I do have the latest two case numbers and subject


Case No: 00287760

Case Subject: Arria 10 Timing Violation between JESD Base and PHY IP


Case No: 00287834

Case Subject: JESD Rx IP response to mis-aligned alignment character




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Hie Kowsalya,


I am the engineer who worked on the SR request. Please check my updates. I have not closed the IPS case yet. Do let me know if you have further questions. Shall we communicate further through IPS case for communication.


For case 00287760: In the last update, explanation was provided on the timing failure. Please let me know if you need further explanation.


For case 00287834: I did send you an email pertaining to your follow up questions as the answer was provided during the SR to IPS conversion timeframe. I did not upload my last email response in the IPS case. I will do that immediately. I have forwarded the email to you again. Lets continue our discussion via email and IPS case








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