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How to read back EPCS64 flash data by FPGA after its configuration


we have a customised FPGA board having FPGA EP3C120****.Flash Device connected this fpga is EPCS64.

It is working fine with AS mode flashing and configuration is happening to FPGA in every power on as per standard.

we want to Read the content of Flash after its configuration like reading a memory from its starting address.

This Flash is interface to FPGA with following Pins (DCLK, NCS0, ASDO, Data0). please suggest the method to read back the flash.


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Hi jmoha4,


You can use Examine option in Quartus programmer to read back the flash data.


Open Programmer --> Add Device

examine 1.JPG


Choose your FPGA device and click Okay. (For my case I use cyclone 10 LP 10CL08Y)

examine 2.JPG


Right Click on your device --> choose "Attach Flash Device"

examine 3.png


Choose your Flash device and click Okay. (For my case I use EPCQ64)

examine 4.JPG


Finally, Tick Examine and click Start

examine 5.JPG



I hope this will help.