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I'm trying to decide which Intel FPGA kit (with the board and potentially software) to buy. My project requires a variety of IP (UART, SPI, I2C, Timer, just to name a few).  A few questions:

  1. Regardless of whether I use Quartus Prime Lite or the Prime Standard/Pro Edition, I will have access to all IPs that are listed here (at least in Evaluation Mode: so before production I just need to use the 'tethered' mode and keep the system powered if I don't want to regenerate the .sof file every so often). Is this correct? https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/products/intellectual-property/ip.html
  2. In Quartus Prime Standard and Pro, are only the IPs in the IP Base Suite included with a full license? And in Quartus Lite, no licensed IPs are provided? This means that other IPs (i.e. UART, SPI, etc.) are only available in Open Core format with the 'tethered' mode or time-limited .sof files?
  3. Is the Nios II in 'economy' mode a fully licensed IP provided in all versions of Quartus? Or is Nios II/'e' also only available in evaluation/Open Core mode?
  4. Where do you buy the licenses for these additional IPs (UART etc.)? I looked at some European distributors listed on your site (i.e. Digikey and Arrow) but couldn't find an UART IP for purchase for instance.

Thanks in advance!

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Before asking any of these questions, you need to decide which device family you want to use because the answers to some of your questions differ based on that (only Arria 10, Stratix 10, Cyclone 10 GX, and Agilex supported in Pro; Arria 10 is supported in Standard as well).

1) Correct though it's no guarantee that a third-party IP listed there would support tethered mode.

2) Yes, IP Base suite licenses are included with Standard and Pro.

3) The e core is available in all editions.

4) Check the licensing center for the core(s) you're interested in: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/support/support-resources/support-centers/licensing.html

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Thanks for this information!

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