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IP licenses: how do they work?

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I am doing contract work for another company. The design uses a Cyclone V part and will have a NIOS cpu and its associated peripherals. 


I have a fully licensed, node locked version of Quartus 17.0 of my own. What I don't have, and hope I won't need to purchase myself, are the IP licenses needed to create a sof file that is NOT time limited. 


My understanding is that it is my customer who should have the license as they are the ones who will be shipping product. I have one of their prototypes sitting on my desk which I am using to bring up the design, but the time limited aspect is really hindering me now. 


The company I am doing the contract work for has also purchased Quartus II and, according to them, the NIOS II Megacore IP license. 


So my question is if I can piggy back off their license. In other words, can I have a license file generated for my PC in addition to the license that they have. 



R. Mc.
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Yes, you should be able to set up the Nios f license they've purchased for your machine's MAC address using the Self Service Licensing Center. They would probably have to do it from their myAltera account and generate a license file for you.

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The other way around is to have a floating license. This will be installed on a central server. Anyone can then use the tools and IPs licensed just by setting up the license to point to the floating license server 


ex.. LM_LICENSE_FILE = port@IP (1234@ . Of course, this will work only if you're in their network or have VPN access to their internal network.