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Is ALTGX IP is necessary for 160 Mbps stream driving?


Dear all,

I am working on Terasic TR-4 230K development kit with XTS Daughter Card with one of the HSMC connector. I want to generate some random serial data and transmit through the SMA connector of XST daughter card at 160 Mbps rate and analyze on Scope. My queries are

  1. Do i need to instantiate ALTGX ip for my data rates of 160 Mbps?
  2. If so, what should be the data width of ALTGX in datain and out?


Thanks & Regards


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Hi Srikanth


As I understand it, the devkit that you are using is with SIV GX device and the daughter card is connecting the transceiver channels to SMA ports. For your information, to use the transceiver channels, you will need to use the ALTGX instance. Note that the minimum data rate supported by the SIV GX transceiver is 600Mbps. If you would like to run the transceiver at lower data rate, you might need to look into coding some oversampling logic on your own and force the CDR to LTR mode.


As for the data width to use, it will be depending on your target requirement. You may open an ALTGX megawizard and select your configuration using the megawizard.


Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.


Chee Pin

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