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Max 10 ADC simulation problem

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I am generating an ADC core only, and I am trying to get the simulation in modelSim using the gui. I generated the ADC in verilog, and I added all the support files in the submodules dir. It compiles OK, but when I try to load the design, it gives an error:  

** Error (suppressible): (vsim-10000) C:/Project/Repository/Other Projects/SenseSole/FPGA/FPGA_Code_RevAQ15/ADC_Core/simulation/submodules/altera_modular_adc_control_avrg_fifo.v(93): Unresolved defparam reference to 'scfifo_component' in scfifo_component.add_ram_output_register. 


There is scfifo but no scfifo_component. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, and thank you in advance.
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Try using the auto-generated script for setting up ADC simulation 


It is generated from Qsys under directory  




Follow steps as below. 

1. Open Modelsim Navigate to location of scripts. 

2. do msim_setup.tcl 

3. ld_debug 


For further reading. 


Topic 1.6 Simulating Intel FPGA IP Cores 


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