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Max10 speedgrade 8 and DDR2 memory

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The MegaWizard tells me that Max10 speedgrade 8 devices are not supported for DDR2 memory interface generation in general. 

I've now targeted a speedgrade 7 device and created the RAM interface successfully (at least I think so as TimeQuest reports OK and I have no hardware available yet to test it in reality). 


If I then switch back my design to a speedgrade 8 device and recompile it using the previously generated memory interface, TimeQuest still reports positive slack. 


So, for now I have two tools reporting two different results. 


Is TimeQuest currently not testing properly? 

Is the MegaWizard as well as the online memory selector guessing too pessimistic as the result (speedgrade 8 not supported) does not depend on clock frequency and RAM delay settings? 

Or what did I do wrong? 


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Even the -8 device able to close timing in timequest, but it do not have any functionality validation on on actual hardware, so we cannot claim it is supported.  

I will suggest we refer to EMIF estimator for clearer support scheme.  


Apparently, -8 for Max 10 do not support DDR2. 


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