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"External connection" conduit on DDR2 controller (with ALTMEMPHY)

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I am working on a Cyclone IV design, and need a DDR2 controller. 


Using Qsys, I have added the IP block DDR2 SDRAM CONTROLLER with ALTMEMPHY 


One of the interfaces on this IP is labeled "external_connection" and contains three signals, all outputs: local_init_done, local_refresh_ack, reset_phy_clk_n 


I get a Qsys warning that this must be exported or connected to a matching conduit.  


My problem is that I don't know what I am supposed to do with these signals. 


the link to online documentation for the IP doesn't work, I get the "404" error at the Altera website. I have tried looking in the "Embedded Peripherals IP User Guide" under "SDRAM Controller core" but there is no mention of these signals that I can find. 


Can anyone help me? 


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This is the document you want: 




local_init_done indicates when the memory calibration is complete. 


local_refresh_ack is only used and needed if you're doing manual auto refresh control of the external memory. 


reset_phy_clk_n indicates when the clock used for the PHY is reset.
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This is the IP status signal. Usually it have to export and monitor by user. however, if it is not necessary for your design, you can ignore this warning. 


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