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ModelBus - RegField

Good afternoon, 


I have a nice DSP Builder model integrated with a NIOS II processor. Everything works well. 


I'm trying to use the RegField in the DSP Builder Advanced Blocks/ModelBus library. After reading the 'help' and searching online I'm still a bit confused: 


1- The help text mentions for most ModelBus blocks that "... accessible in the model and via the Processor Interface". Am I right to assume that this "Processor Interface" allows me to modify my parameters stored in the RegField block at run time with the NIOS II core ? 

2- If yes... Where do you configure or access this wonderful "Processor Interface" ?  

3- Does it need to be configured with QSys or is there a special macro that can be used in code ? 


... Or is the Processor Interface a tool that I missed somewhere ? 


Thanks in advanced for any kind of help. 


Carl 'BigK'
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DSP Builder creates a hw.tcl file which you can use to import your design into Qsys. If you have ModelBus blocks (or FIRs/NCOs with read/writable coefficients/increments), it will export a Avalon MM slave. If you write to the address you set in the Address field (possible misnamed Name in the parameter window) then you will modify that register.

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I added the RegField block AFTER my model was loaded in QSys. Having not refreshed my IP list the Avalon bus was not visible. I created a new model from scratch and fare enough the Avalon bus is now visible and can be connected to the master. 


Thank you for your time!