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PCI Compiler design



I am studying on a PXI card , I made a simple project but I have problem with made driver for it.It has 2 BARs and when I connect my card to PXI chasis , It is recognized from PC as a PCI device without no driver , and I can see its resources (BAR0 and BAR1) from memories resources under system information.I have problem with windriver program.It is also recognize the card but driver developper don't see BAR0 and BAR1 , It shows only configuration spaces and Interrupt pins. Under configuration spaces title ,I can see how much memory used from BARs but I can't write or read ıts memories ,I can just do configuration read or write but no memory or I/O read write. 


Do you have any idea what is the problem and what can I solve ? Thanks in Advance ,
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I think you have not pay attention to the "Hardwired Bar Address"item of BARn when generating the ipcore, or you must modify this register the same with you PC memory resources, if not, the PC can't get the memory resources of the card when install the driver, or the ipcore can't acknowledge the PC access. 

Good luck!